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Today we are going to look at creating a story map. A story map is where you draw little pictures to show how the story progresses. They don't need to be too detailed, but allow you to tell the story without the need of the book. We did them in class for your Little Red Riding Hood stories. With the pictures it's important to include some words and phrases. These don't need to be full sentences, just words that will help you to retell the story. Adjectives (describing words) and conjunctions (joining words) are good to use smiley

Your task today is to create a story map for either The Lighthouse Keeper's Breakfast, or the Lighthouse Keeper's Tea. 

Below is a picture of a story map for The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch as an example yes


Today we are going to have another look at adding and subtracting 10s. This is a really important step to understand before we go on to adding and subtracting two-digit numbers. Watch the video and then have a go the the worksheet smiley I've also included a hundred square that you could use for the first questions if you need it yes

Adding and Subtracting Tens

Just For Fun

Lots of you really seemed to enjoy Mrs Knight's colour collection challenge so I thought we could have a go at creating a rainbow out of things you can find from around your house smiley Below is an example of what I mean. I'd love to see pictures of your colourful rainbows and remember when you are done make sure you put everything back where you found it laughyes

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