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We will be continuing with Our Disgusting Sandwich.  


Today you are going to think of some adjectives to describe the minibeasts you put in your sandwich 


Remember, adjectives are describing words. For example I can see a green car. The word green is the adjective as it describes the colour of the car.


Add an adjective to each of these words and write them in your book or on paper. 

If you are stuck listen to the story again in Monday's lesson to help you gather some ideas.  

  • caterpillar  
  • slug  
  • snail
  • centipede
  • worm


Once you have finshed retell your instructions and include the adjective. 

For example: Next get a green hairy caterpillar at put it on top.


After that get creative and make a sandwich (see photos below) and add your minibeasts to it too smiley 

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