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English - Writing

Thank You Letter

English -Thank You Letter

Today your task is to plan your letter of thanks. I have included an example of the features that need to be included in your letter. I have also included a blank template for you to plan on.

You are to write in the details of who you are to writing to and the date, and our School's address. The letter will be divided into three paragraphs. You are to plan the headings or subject of each paragraph and make notes that you think might be helpful for starting your draft tomorrow. Remember you are not writing sentences, but just notes. 

English - Reading

Inference Skills

  • How can you tell Lila and Lalchand are working well together?
  • Why can’t they think too much about Hamlet and Chulak?
  • Why does Lalchand and Chulak’s hearts sink?
  • Why does the day pass very quickly?
  • Why do they wait until nighttime for the competition?
  • Why isn’t Lila worried about Signor Scorcini’s noisy display?
  • Why do Lila and Lalchand hug each other before they start?
  • How do you know the other firework makers enjoy Lila and Lalchand’s fireworks?
  • Why has Frangipani decided to marry Hamlet?
  • What were the three gifts?

English - Spelling

This week I have created a word search with a difference... it's a star!



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