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The first thing I would like you to do is to practise your spellings if you don't know them yet. 


Next tell an adult in your house two nouns that are a person, place and a thing. 


Today you are are going to think about the personality your ladybird has.  A personality tells us about someones character.

For example: Tom is kind and happy. The words kind and happy tell us something about Tom's character (the person he is). 



In the story the ladybird is bad-tempered. What other adjectives could you use to describe his/her personality.


Look at the sheet attached and choose the appropriate adjective/s to complete the sentences.


Read the sentence and all of the words before you decide which adjective makes sense.


If you come across an adjective you are unsure off ask your parent the meaning or have a look in a dictionary if you have one. Im sure your parent will show you how to use it if your are not sure.


Write the sentences on paper and include the appropriate adjective that describes the ladybirds personality.  


Once you have done that, think about your ladybird you drew yesterday. What is his/her personality like? What adjectives would you use to describe his/her personality? 


Write some adjectives to describe your ladybird on the work you did yesterday. 

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