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Your first task for today is to watch the rest of the story. In the story Katie sees some sunflowers that were painted by Vincent van Gogh. If you were to paint a picture of some flowers which type would you choose? It might be one you've seen in your garden, or when out on a walk!

Can you write some sentences to describe the flower and about why you would choose that flower particularly? 

Challenge: To include some adjectives about how it looks and smells.

Super Challenge: To go back and edit your work, have you used all your capital letters and full stops? Are there any adjectives you could add or improve? 

I think I'd choose a Daffodil, they always remind me of my birthday! I'd love to know what you decide laughyes


Today we are going to look at using our 10 times table. Remember you can draw pictures to help you if you need to smileyyes Watch the video, have a go at the worksheet and remember no peeking at the answer sheet until you're finished! 

The 10 times-table

Design Technology

Can you design and make a frame for one of your paintings or pictures? You could use cardboard from an old cereal packet? Maybe papier mache? I would love to see what you create smileyyes

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