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Today's activity is to help you to practice the learning from yesterday. Mrs Lewis has told me that in year 4 children often find this tricky, so more time spent on it will help you. If you need help, please watch yesterday's video again or use the BBC Bite size video.

Draft Your Writing

Your task today is to go have a go at writing your first draft of your writing. 

You may have chosen to write a poem, a story, a narrative recount, a letter or even a play. You need to remember that all these forms of writing will have different purposes and you must be clear on what you hope to achieve. It
can help if you make a note of this before you begin your first draft. What do you want your reader to think? How
do you want your reader to feel? Try summing this up in three words and then write these at the top of your page
as a constant reminder. You can check at each writing stage to make sure you’ve stayed true to your aims.
A number of the other Generation Lockdown Top Tips from Teachers offer advice and encouragement on how to
draft your piece of writing. Read these on the competition website (under the ‘Inspiration’ tab’s drop-down menu):

Author Inspiration

You can watch some  author videos to get even more suggestions, and good luck!


Please carry on learning 10 spellings you have chosen from to learn from the statutory spelling list. As you have been doing, choose one of the spelling activities form the  menu to help you learn them. You will find these in Monday's folder.

Carrie's war

We are going to move onto and listen to  chapter 7 of Carrie's War today. Your then to  and complete the task attached below.

I hope you are enjoying the book and enjoying being involved in the village life of Carrie's War.

Learning about Fred.

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