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Today we will write the next part of The Tiger That Came to Tea. 


In this part we will include questions.

Remember, we wrote questions last week. If you are stuck have a look at your work or look at the PowerPoint again. 


First look at boxes 4 and 5 of your story map. You should have a picture of a table with some tasty treats in box 4 and the fridge and cupboard in box 5.


Box 4 is where Sophie asks the tiger if he would like something to eat and drink.

Can you remember what she asked the tiger?

They all start with Do you want............ followed by The tiger ate.......  


Box 5  - In the kitchen the tiger ate all of the food. Where did he eat it from? 


Your work needs to have at least three questions starting with Do you want......

followed by what the tiger did. 


Challenge - Can you add an adjective to describe the food or drink? 


Look at my work for some ideas. 


My story:

Sophie said "Do you want one sweet cake?". The tiger ate it all.

"Do you want one yummy sandwich?" said Sophie. The tiger ate it all. 

Do you want a warm cup of tea?" The tiger drank it all. Then he went to the kitchen and ate all of the food in the fridge and all of the tins in the cupboard.  

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