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If you didn't yesterday, you can start by watching the rest of the story smiley

Your activity today is to choose one of the paintings in the story and think about what could have happened to Katie in that painting? So, something different to what's in the story. Then can you rewrite that part of the story? What happened in the painting in your version? 

Challenge: To use exciting adjectives to describe. 

Super Challenge: To try and use an adverb to help describe your verb. E.g. Katie slowly crept through the garden. Rather than; Katie crept through the garden. 


We are going to start our new block of work looking at shape! Today we are going to look at 2D shapes and counting the sides and vertices smiley

Count sides and vertices on 2D shapes


Claude Monet was from a city called Paris. Your activity today is to create a fact sheet all about Paris. 

Which country is it in?

Can you find it on a map?

How far away is it from Kingston?

What famous places are found there?

Can you find any pictures of Paris?

I'd love to see what you find out laughyes


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