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Your task today is to look at the picture on the sheet and write a sentence for each person in the speech bubble. Imagine that they've seen Katie appear! Make sure you use your capital letters and full stops. If you want to challenge yourself can you include an adjective in your sentence? Or maybe use a conjunction to add some extra information? 

Later in the week you might be able to use these as quotes in your newspaper article smiley


Today we are going to look at measuring mass in grams. If you have scales at home maybe you could measure the mass of some things around your house? smiley

Measure mass in grams


In the story this week Katie travels on a boat. Your STEM activity today is to design and make a boat (that floats!) out of things you can find in your house and/or garden. You could investigate how much weight your boat could hold before it sinks. I'd love to see them in action smileyyes

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