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Today I would like you to read my version of The Very Noisy Night. I have simplified the story so that you can learn it to support your talk for writing. Read the story or get an adult to read it. Then make up some actions to help you remember the story. You could get someone in your house to take on the role of Big Mouse to make it more fun.

Try to include different voices for the characters smiley

Think about the sound effects e.g.


Twit Twoo!........


Once you have done that, draw your story map. When you have finished retell the story using your pictures.b


 I have done a story map for you to look at smiley


Your story map needs: 

  • 9 boxes 
  • pictures to sequence the story 
  • words to sequence the story (once, one night, next)
  • onomatopoeia (for the sound effects e.g. whoosh! )     
  • images to sequence the story 


My story map has: 

1. Little Mouse and Big Mouse in their house. 

2. Little Mouse in bed at night. 

3. Little Mouse, Big Mouse and the wind. 

4. The owl and Little Mouse. 

5. The tap dripping and Little Mouse. 

6. Big Mouse snoring. 

7. Ear muffs and paper clip. 

8. A silent ear. 

9. Little Mouse and big Mouse sleeping.  


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