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*If you were at school yesterday you will need to do yesterdays lessons today. Then Thursday's lesson on Wednesday etc. On Friday the activity will be copying up your story in neat, so you could either not do that lesson or do it on Monday instead smiley*


Your task today is to use your story map from yesterday to complete a story mountain, like we have practiced before. This is to make sure you understand the order that things are happening in, and that you have a beginning, middle and end. Add as much detail as you can to your story mountain because the more you add now, the easier it will be to write your story later. yes


We are going to carry on learning to tell the time today. This time to the nearest 5 minutes. Be careful with 'to' and 'past' laughyes

Telling time to 5 minutes


One of the paintings we looked at this week in our Katie story was, 'The Lion of Saint Mark'. The Lion of St Mark is actually the symbol for the city of Venice. Venice is a very interesting city and your activity today is to find out all about it! What makes it different? How do people get around? You could create some illustrated facts cards to teach others about Venice laugh

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We warmly invite prospective parents to our open morning on Friday 6th January 9.30-11.30