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Good morning everyone! I hope you are all feeling well. We are missing you very much in Ash Class! :)

Below is the work we are completing in school today. If you have any questions or want to send me your work, please email me at:

Have a wonderful day!

-Miss Thomas

Efficient subtraction

We are learning about efficient subtraction in Maths today. Here is the video lesson to help you!

You can find today's Maths worksheet here:

...and here are the answers to yesterday's Maths worksheet:


We are continuing with our persuasive writing today. Start a new heading and have a go at writing your second paragraph, about the dangers faced by the wolves. This may include:

  • farmers hunting wolves because they are afraid of the wolves hunting their livestock; and
  • human construction/building work and how this can destroy their habitats.

Have a go at using powerful, emotive adjectives to persuade your reader that the wolves do not deserve to be treated this way. Try not to discuss how we can protect the wolves just yet - this will come in to your next paragraph!

  • You may want to include a fronted adverbial to add more to your writing - if you have forgotten what a fronted adverbial is, here is a helpful link: BBC Bitesize - Fronted Adverbials

Good luck!


We have reached the end of our first science topic, 'Animals Including Humans'. We have learned all about teeth types and functions, the digestive system, and food chains.

At the beginning of the topic, we worked as a class to fill in a pre-assessment form, to find out what we had remembered from previous years and to see what we already knew about this topic. Now it's your turn - you will answer the same questions, but this time, have a go at answering the questions independently! How much can you remember?

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