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English - The Looming Rock

Your task today is to write three sentences about approaching in a boat in the thickest, murkiest fog this terrifying looming rock. 

Aut3.11.4 - Multiply by 4

This is "Aut3.11.4 - Multiply by 4" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Stone Age Food

Attached is a power point about our hunter gatherer ancestors and their eating habits. I would like you to read through these power points to learn how they supplied themselves  with food (and no, it wasn't a trip to Cavebury's or Tescave or even The Mammoth Meat Market. 

Then  with the help of an adult and If you have the ingredients, have a go at making some Stone Age Bread or Neolithic nutty, fruit feast. 

Obviously during the Stone Age, tin openers and freezer where not readily available but you can cheat . If you do not have all the ingredients you can substitute some; in the case of the stewed fruit you could  use tinned or frozen fruit or you could try cooking fruits like apples or pears. Or in the case of the bread maybe experiment and substitute  some of the seeds or ingredients  for others you have in your store cupboards

Do not worry if you do not have the ingredients for the recipes, you can have a look at the craft ideas in Tuesday's Folder and get creative with those. .  

Added here is a neat summary of our learning about Stone Age man so far. So like a Stone Age person  with their Stone Age  hairbrush, knock yourself out and enjoy watching the videos and interactive resources to build your Neolithic Knowledge.

I have been given you these sheets to help you practice your handwriting. I hope you find them helpful. They say they are for weekly spelling words but we are using them as a tool to help us with our handwriting. However, they can also be used to help you learn the words on them.

Sound the words out as you spell them and look for patterns or parts of words that might help you to learn them. For example the silent k in knock or knew.

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