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Dinosaur egg's new home!


This week we have been carefully looking after a special egg that was delivered to school. We now know from the letter we received from The Natural History Museum (pop onto 'Tuesday' to read this letter if you have not yet seen it) that it is in fact a dinosaur egg! You all came up with some good guesses about what you think could be inside the egg - we loved all of your ideas! I particularly liked the chocolate egg guesses, and many of you thought that their could well be a T Rex inside! (eeek!) I hope it doesn't grow too big and stomp around the school. After reading the story about "how to look after a dinosaur" together on Teams yesterday, we now have a better idea of how to care for our egg. You all gave me some good ideas too - keeping it warm, making a nest, providing food and water, giving it a cuddly toy. All of these things will help to look after the egg as best as we can! Below are some more pictures of the egg, we have adapted the eggs home by giving it a fresh, clean box to live in and have made it cosy and warm with blankets.

Books for home

Just a note about books for home. I have left in the office some books that are available to pick up if you wish. I have left some scrapbooks with black paper, which could be used to stick in your child's home learning if you would like somewhere to keep it altogether. There are also a few writing books there too if you feel your child would benefit from having a writing book. Before Christmas we weren't quite at the stage of writing on the line just yet, but some children may like to have a go if they would like to. I have also left some sound mats if you aren't able to print any at home, and some 'finger spaces' which your child may like to use when writing their sentences if they find using their actual finger really tricky.

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We warmly invite prospective parents to our open morning on Friday 6th January 9.30-11.30