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Recipe Writing

Today The Gingerbread Man would like you to write a recipe on how to make yummy gingerbread men! smiley Below I have attached a booklet that you could print out at home for you to write on, or you could use paper from home to create your own recipe booklet. Can you write down the ingredients you need to make gingerbread? Can you write down some short sentences, or some key words on how to make the gingerbread men? Make sure you have your sound mats handy, ready to use your Phonic knowledge to sound out the sounds, and don't forget those finger spaces too. If you can, please send us pictures of your lovely writing for Mrs T and I to see! yes We could then display your writing on our web gallery - your writing can then tell others how to make those yummy biscuits!


Don't forget to also bring your gingerbread men along to our Teams meeting today, where we can then meet each other's gingerbread people! (Please don't worry if you haven't baked any or you have eaten them already!) We will also be reading the story of 'The Gingerbread Man' too. Then (if ok with mum's and dad's) you could eat your gingerbread men whilst listening to the story. laugh

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