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Week 10 - 15th June

Hi Willow Class, 


I hope you are enjoying learning about Vincent Van Gogh. Wasn't he an interesting man! We are going to move on to looking at a different artist this week, a man called Claude Monet. I wonder what we will find out! I can't wait to see your work smileyyes


I look forward to seeing you all soon, 


Mrs Stonehouse


Week 10

Spellings – The /ʌ/ sound spelt 'o' and some common exception words












Potential activities:

Other Handed: First write your spellings words out using the hand you would normally write with, nice and neatly. Then, try writing the words with your other hand! 

Here is a link to a website with lots of games to help you practice your spellings:



This week in English we are going to be looking at a picture called, 'The Waterlily Pond' by Claude Monet so our project this week is to find out about him. 

Who was he?

What did he do?

And any other interesting facts smileyyes As always I would love to hear about what you've found out. 

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