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Week 13 - 6th July

Hiya Willow Class,


I'm so excited that some of you are coming into school this week. We're all really looking forward to seeing you and I know that Mr Gates has got some really fun activities for you to do whilst your here. If you are not in this week, we look forward to seeing you next week smileyyes


I have made the English lessons this week 'stand alone', so if you are in school on Tuesday you can do that lesson if you want to on another day, but it's not essential. You will need to watch the new Katie story on Wednesday though. 


Your parents should have received an email about 'Bug Club'. This is a website with lots of books on it, you can answer questions and win gold coins!! It also lets me see who's been reading and move people up levels! Please get your parents to email me if they haven't got the log in details. 


I can't wait to see you all over the next couple of weeks laugh


Mrs Stonehouse 


Week 13

Spellings – Contractions - Remember contractions are two words which have been combined together to make a new word.












Potential activities:

Goofy Spelling Story: Write a goofy spelling story using your spelling words. Then underline your spelling words. If you want to you could illustrate it yes

Here is a link to a website with lots of games to help you practice your spellings:



This week the paintings in our Katie story are by Spanish artists. Your project this week is to find out about Spain. 

Where is it?

What does the flag look like?

What types of food do they eat?

And any other facts you can find out! 

You could do a PowerPoint, create a poster. There are lots of ways you could present your research. I'd love to see what you find out! smileyyes

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