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Week 2

Hello Maple Class and Parents 


I hope you had a good week last week looking at Pirates! We will continue to look at the story of 'The Pirates Next Door' this week. If you have not yet read or listened to the story, pop back onto week 1 of this term and the video of the story is on there.


This week Phonics and Math's may look slightly different. We have now learnt all of our Phase 3 sounds, so we are going to now move onto Phase 4, which is what we would also have been doing in school. You will not learn any new sounds in this phase, instead we will keep revising the sounds you have learnt. We will also begin to practice reading 4 letter words. These are called CVCC words (ie. tent, bump, milk) as well as beginning to learn to read words of more than one syllable. We will also practice reading more sentences. Phonics will still be in the same format as before, under the 'daily phonics' but the activities will be slightly different.

In Math's, it has changed very slightly but but will still remain under the same format of the 'daily math's' activities. Math's will be more revision based now, so we may cover things that we have already looked at, but by keeping refreshed with these things it will really help when moving on into Year 1 smiley


As another little addition, I will be uploading each week one of the 'letter formation families' that can be practiced anytime you wish across the week. I will upload the letter formation sheets onto the main page each week for you to access. This week I have uploaded the 'curly caterpillar letters.' You will find these below.


I was very impressed to receive our next 'readerpillar badge' on Epic! You have now read 600 books, well done Maple Class, I am so impressed! laugh At school we now have another online reading scheme called: ActiveLearn - Bug Club. This mirrors the reading scheme we have in school and the books are colour banded in the same way as the books are in school. You should have received an email with your child's log in details, you can then log onto this as and when you wish yes please do feel free to use Epic alongside too if you would like to!




I have included some more activities based around Pirates below for you to pick and choose at if you wish. 


Have another lovely week, please do remember that these activities are not a checklist, they are there for you to do what you can when you can smiley


Continue to stay safe.


Love Miss Baulcomb and Mrs T heart

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