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Week 2 (W.B - 11th January)

Hello Maple Class smiley


Welcome to your next week of home learning. It was so lovely to see you all in our Teams meetings last week! laugh We really enjoyed seeing you all and I enjoyed seeing all the dinosaur things that you have at home. This term our topic is 'dinosaurs' and I have a feeling that you are going to be quite the dinosaur experts! Below I have attached a dinosaur 'pick 'n' mix' of different ideas and activities I thought you might like to do across the week if you wish. Please click on the document below to have a look and please don't feel you have to do all of these activities, just pick and choose the ones you like! I have also included some dinosaur colouring pages too if you would like to colour in some of those. Mrs T and I will look forward to seeing what you have done on Tapestry yes Before you have a look at those and at today's online learning, please scroll down to see a very exciting delivery that I had delivered to school today......

An exciting delivery!

WOW Maple class - what could this be? I was very excited to receive this box addressed to us, and when I opened it carefully (I noticed it told me to 'handle with care' on the box) I found this egg inside! I wonder what could be inside the egg? Mrs T and I are very intrigued and excited. The egg feels a bit bumpy and very hard. I particularly love the colours on the egg too. Do you have ideas of what could be inside? Can you chat about it to your mum's/dad's/brothers and sisters? Mrs T and I would love to hear what you think it could be! Please do share what you think it is to us on Tapestry and I will make sure to find a safe space to put our egg too. smiley
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