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Week 3 (W.B - 18th January)

Hello Maple Class smiley


Welcome to your next week of home learning. Well done for all of the amazing learning you did last week, Mrs T and I are very proud of you! Please look below for another dinosaur 'pick n mix,' offering some more ideas of activities you could do at home relating to our exciting dinosaur topic. I have noticed lots of you have many dinosaurs of your own at home! In school we have a dinosaur museum set up, I wonder if you could set up your own dinosaur museum at home? Below are some pictures of dinosaur museums that you could look at for inspiration! yes  You could then role play with your brothers/sisters/mums and dad's visiting your very own museum. I have also attached below some signs that you could print off and stick into your dinosaur museum if you wish, or you could write and draw your own signs. You could then send Miss Baulcomb and Mrs T a picture of your museum and we could share it with each other in our photo gallery, we would love to see them! 

Once you have looked at those, scroll down the page a bit more to find the days of the week for your learning, as well as something else that happened over the weekend! surprise Our poor egg has gone missing!......

Missing egg!

Oh no! Our dinosaur egg has gone missing! When Miss Baulcomb came into school this morning, she noticed the box was empty, chairs were knocked over and the classroom was a mess! I wonder where the egg has gone? Mrs T and I would love to hear your ideas - we were very shocked to find that it had disappeared! I wonder if someone has taken it? I wonder if it has hatched? Where could our egg be?
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