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Week 3

Hi Everyone, 


I hope you've had a lovely Easter break and had some lovely family time! 


I have been so pleased to get some lovely emails from your mums and dads showing me some of the amazing work you have been doing at home. I will keep putting them on our Willow Class Gallery page so keep looking to see what your friends have been up to smiley


Hope to see you all very soon.


Mrs Stonehouse 

Week 3

Spellings – Adding suffixes '-ful' '-less' and '-ly'.












What do you notice about the words? By adding these suffixes sometimes it changes the verb into an adjective (play to playful) or an adjective into an adverb (happy to happily). 

Look carefully at the spelling of each suffix, especially: 

  • it's a single 'l' on '-ful' (unlike the whole word 'full')
  • double 's' on '-less'
  • adding 'i' before '-ly' and '-less' where words end in 'y' with a consonant before it, for example happily. 


Potential activities:

Spelling Flowers: Draw a picture of a great big flower. Write each of your words in one of the petals or on a leaf. Draw extra flowers if you run out of room. 

Phone Words: First write your words in a list. Then looking at a phone keypad change each letter to the number on the keypad, e.g. A, B or C would be 2. Now write your spelling words using this code. 4663 5825! laugh



Our topic this term would have been Food Glorious Food. This weeks project is to find out about where different types of food come from. It normally says on the packet where it came from if you look carefully. The tuna in my cupboard came all the way from the Seychelles in the Indian Ocean and the mushrooms in my fridge came from Ireland! 

Maybe you could draw where the food in your house comes from on a map! I would love to see what you find out. yes

We've had 6 7 9 1 7 visitors