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Week 4 (W.B - 25th January)

Hello Maple Class smiley


Welcome to the next week of home learning. You have been working so so hard and Mrs T and I are both so proud of you allheart we love receiving the photos of all of your lovely work. Below is another 'dinosaur pick 'n' mix' for you to look at if you would like some more dinosaur ideas for across the week. Also scroll down below to see an announcement about our dinosaur egg, we have been given another clue!! Log onto Tapestry to see the exclusive video! (Beware the video might include a T Rex!)

Sighting of a T-Rex!

Oh my goodness!surprisesurprise Can you believe their has been a sighting of a T Rex in the classroom...!?! Could this be linked to our egg going missing? Do you think the T Rex took our dinosaur egg? Below I have attached some 'news report' signs for you to make your own news centre for you to role play in if you wish. Can you make your own news desk, and then record a video of you being a news reporter? Reporting to the world all about the missing egg and the sighting of the T Rex! (You could ask mum's and dad's to kindly film you). If you would like to, you could then send over to us your news report video via Tapestry for Mrs T and I to see (we would love to watch them!) Or you could send us some photos of you in your news centre. yeslaugh
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