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Week 4

Welcome to Week Four Willow Class smiley


Thank you so much for all of the lovely work I have been sent so far. I'm so pleased with how hard you are working at home. Keep getting mum and/or dad to send me updates and I will add them to our Class Gallery page. 


I've also been checking in on Times Table Rock Stars. I can see that some of you are practising lots which is fantastic! If you haven't been on there much yet, remember it's a super fun way to practice your times tables. I've been putting the certificates people have earned on our Class Gallery page. Check it out and see if you have one there laugh


I'm also excited to tell you that Mrs Knight is going to be setting your Monday tasks this term. She is also looking forward to see some of your wonderful work. 


I hope you are still helping at home where you can! Stay safe and I will see you soon,


Mrs Stonehouse smiley

Week 4

Spellings – Words ending '-tion' and some common exception words












Look carefully at the words. Can you clap and count the syllables in the words? E.g. Station: 'sta' / 'tion'

Be careful because the ending '-tion' is a tricky one that is not spelt as it sounds. 


Potential activities:

Bubbles Letters: Can you write your spelling words in bubble writing? Then when you are done you can colour them in. 

Colourful Vowels: Write out your spelling words nice and clearly. When you've done that can you trace over the vowels with a coloured pencil, felt tip or crayon? Remember the vowels are : a, e, i , o, u 



Carrying on with our food theme, can you choose a country from around the world. Different countries tend to eat different sorts of foods and often have a 'national dish'. Could you research the types of foods people might traditionally eat in another part of the world? 

I would pick Italy I think because I LOVE Italian food, especially pizza! 

Maybe you could create a presentation to teach the other people in your house? Or create a bright, colourful information page? You could even have a go at creating one of the dishes yourself! As always I would love to see what you've found out laughyes

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