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Week 6 - 11th May

Welcome to week six Willow Class,


As always thank you for all the pictures I've been able to add to our Class Gallery page. We're building up quite a gallery now! It's looking fantastic and I know your friends are all excited to see how you are getting on. 


You've carried on working brilliantly on Times Table Rock Stars. On average the children playing in Willow Class have each played for 2 minutes and 36 secs each day. That's the most in the whole school!! I'm so proud of you smiley As well, this week we have crept up a little bit and we are now 19th out of all the local schools. Keep up the hard work, it's working laughyes


Well done for doing such a great job of staying at home. You are all amazing! I hope to see you really soon, 


Mrs Stonehouse 



Week 6

Spellings – Adding endings '-ing', '-er', -ed' and -est' to words ending in 'y' and some common exception words. 












Notice how the word is changed when adding the endings. The 'y' changes to 'i' apart from when the '-ing' is added. Otherwise there would be 'ii'. 


Potential activities:

Spelling Shapes: Count your spelling words. Draw one shape for each word. Then write one of your spelling words in each of the shapes. 

Spelling Poem: Can you write a poem using some of your spelling words? Underline the spelling words that you used. Can you illustrate your poem? 



All around the world people celebrate lots of different religions in lots of amazing ways. Your project this week is to research a religious festival. It might be one you have already heard of, or one that is completely new to you. What happens during the festival? What are people celebrating? Is it always at the same time each year? You could make a nice colourful poster to show what you have found out, maybe create a PowerPoint, or do a presentation for your family? I'd love to see what you have found out laugh Here are some ideas; Epiphany, Easter, Holi, Passover, Ramadan, Diwali, Hanukkah.  

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