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Week 7 - 18th May

Welcome to week seven Willow Class,


I hope you've all been enjoying the weather as much as you can. We've been playing in our garden lots and have started to try and grow some vegetables! Although the slugs and snails keep getting them so I'm not sure if we will actually get anything! 


As always you've been working brilliantly on Times Table Rock Stars. This week our class has answered questions on average in 23 seconds, that's 9 seconds faster than when we started. Keep up the good work smileyyes


I hope you are all still helping round the house where you can and keeping your rooms nice and tidy laugh 


See you soon,  

Mrs Stonehouse 



Week 7

Spellings – Suffixes '-ment' and '-ness' and some common exception words. 












Potential activities:

Squiggly Spellings: Can you write out your spelling words twice? Once normally and then again in squiggly letters. 

Trace Around: Write out each of your spelling words with a pencil. Then trace around them with a felt tip, coloured pencil or crayon. 



Can you find out about Grace Darling?

  • Who was she?
  • What did she do?
  • How does she link to what we have been learning about? 

I'd love to hear/see what you find out! laughyes

We've had 7 2 2 1 3 visitors
We warmly invite prospective parents to our open morning on Friday 6th January 9.30-11.30