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On this page I would love to put pictures of work you have been doing at home smiley

Just email it through with a short description of what you've been doing and I'll put it up yes

Vanessa's Work

Vanessa has been working really hard! She has been learning to tell the time and made a wonderful clock with different coloured card to help her. She has also written a very funny newspaper report laugh Vanessa has also been carrying on with the colour collection challenge and has now done blue and green! Keep up the hard work Vanessa, you're doing a brilliant job smileyyes

Anna-Rose's Writing

Anna-Rose has been working really hard on her descriptive writing. You've done such a great job Ann-Rose and have made great word choices. Keep up the hard work smileyyes

Samuel's Work 

Samuel has been working really hard over the last few weeks. I can see you've put lots of effort into your work Samuel and it's all looking fantastic! Great job, keep up the hard work smileyyes

Laurie's Menu

Laurie has worked very hard on his menu. He even translated his cafe name into French! It all sounds very yummy Laurie. Keep up the good work smileyyes

Vanessa's Work

Vanessa has continued to work really hard at home. I love your use of vocabulary in your description and poem Vanessa and it's all so beautifully presented. Keep up the good work smileyyes

Leo's Work

Leo has been working really hard on lots of different things. It all looks fantastic Leo, and so beautifully presented! Keep up the good work smileyyes


We've been enjoying the nice weather and even managed to go rockpooling yesterday evening. Florence loved looking around and we saw lots of crabs! 

I'd love to know if you've been doing anything exciting or have done any work you'd like me to add to our class gallery smiley 

Vanessa's Work

Vanessa has carried on working very hard! She has created two fantastic paintings, I love your colour choices Vanessa. She has also written a brilliant ending to the elephant story. I can see you've worked really hard on it Vanessa. Keep up the good work smileyyes

Laurie's Story

Laurie has written a wonderful Monet story and then typed it up the computer. Brilliant work Laurie smileyyes

Poppy's Vegetables

Poppy has been working hard to grow her vegetables and they are looking great! Good job Poppy smileyyes

Darcy's Work

Darcy has been working incredibly hard and produced lots of pieces of work. Great job Darcy! Keep it up! laughyes

Poppy's Art

Poppy has created her picture based on one of Van Gogh's other pieces of art called ‘Flowering Garden with Path'. It looks fantastic Poppy, I love the colour choices you have made. Good job smileyyes

Laurie's Art

Laurie has created this beautiful Starry Night image. I love the detail Laurie, you've done a brilliant job smileyyes

Arlo's Creature

Arlo has written a fantastic description of a creature he has created. It sounds amazing Arlo!! Keep up the good work smileyyes

Anna-Rose's Work

Anna-Rose has been working really hard on her descriptions this week. At home she has a book about Van Gogh and she was inspired by the painting of his bedroom for her second description. She has also been making a suitcase over the last few weeks. You've obviously worked really hard Anna-Rose and done such a great job smileyyes

Olive's Art

Olive has created a beautiful piece of art. She has called it 'Stary Night' It looks fantastic Olive! Great work smileyyes

Times Tables Rock Stars

Well done to Vanessa for becoming a Busker on Times Table Rock Stars smiley Keep up the hard work yes

Vanessa's Work

Vanessa has been working really hard. She has created a wonderful still life and then used pastels to draw it. It looks fantastic Vanessa, very effective! She has also written some brilliant descriptive sentences about 'Cafe Terrace at Night'. Then this morning she has been learning about constellations and found out about one in the shape of a dragon called Draco! Keep up the hard work Vanessa smileyyes

Pheline's van Gogh work

Pheline has been working so hard and produced some brilliant van Gogh work. Good job Pheline, keep up the good work smileyyes

Pheline's Flowers

Pheline has written a great description of her flower. Brilliant job with your full stops and capital letters. Keep up the good work smileyyes

Vanessa's Sunflowers

Vanessa has created some fantastic sunflower paintings. I love all the different textures you've been able to make Vanessa. Keep up the good work smileyyes

Laurie's Storyboard

Laurie has been working really hard on his storyboard. I love the images Laurie and the story sounds really exciting smiley Keep up the good work! laughyes

Leo's Baking

Leo has been working very hard in the kitchen. He has been baking lots of different types of bread. They look very yummy Leo laughyes 

Pheline's Festival Work

Pheline has been working really hard to research spring festivals where people dance around a Maypole. You found out lots of facts Pheline and presented it beautifully! laughyes

Arlo's Dinosaur

Arlo has been designing dinosaurs! It looks fantastic Arlo, I'm glad it seems to like Mackerel as much as you smiley Great work yes

Anna-Rose's Lighthouse Keeper's Work

Anna-Rose and her sister have worked incredibly hard to set out the Lighthouse Keeper's Tea using Playmobil, it looks fantastic girls! Then today she has carried on working hard when planning out her own story. I'm excited to hear what you've come up with Anna-Rose laughyes

Vanessa's Story Map

Vanessa has worked really hard on her story map and it looks fantastic. You've really got all the key points of the story and it's been presented brilliantly. Keep up the hard work Vanessa smileyyes

Laurie's Lighthouse

Laurie has done a fantastic job of creating his own lighthouse! It looks brilliant and even has a working light. Good job Laurie smileyyes

Samuel's Work

Samuel has been working really hard and produced some fantastic pieces of work. He has created a brilliant story tunnel from Ms Passfield's art activity, I love the word choices Samuel! He has done a great job at the colour challenge, you have a lot of orange things in your house!! Samuel has also created two amazing self portraits out of fruit and vegetables. He has also had some super cute additions to his household, some tiny chicks. Keep up all the good work Samuel! laughyes

Maya's Work

Maya has been working really hard at home too. She had great fun finding out where different foods come from and then plotted out where they were from on her map, what a great idea Maya smiley She has also been working hard on our Lighthouse Keeper work. You've used some fantastic adjectives Maya. Keep up the hard work laughyes

Anna-Rose's Descriptions

Anna-Rose has been writing some brilliant descriptions for some very yummy sounding foods. Good job Anna-Rose smileyyes

Olive's Book

Olive has been working incredibly hard on a book that she has written and illustrated. It's fantastic Olive and I'm very impressed with the vocabulary you've used smileyyes

Darcy's Work

Darcy has been working really hard at home too. She has written some brilliant instructions and I'm pleased to see your handwriting is as neat as ever Darcy smileyShe's also coloured a lovely poster thanking the NHS and written them a very thoughtful letter. She has also found time to complete the colour collection challenge. Wow! You have a lot of pink things Darcy! Keep up the hard work laughyes

Vanessa's Work

Vanessa has been working really hard around all her reading! She has created a great advert for pineapple, I love the use of colour for the writing smiley She has also created an amazing scribble art picture, I'm sure Mrs Knight will be thrilled to see it. She's even created a 'healing' potion and written some fantastic instructions to go with it. Brilliant work Vanessa laughyes

A Letter from Ms Neda

Ms Neda has written you all a letter... 

Anna-Rose's Colour Collection

Anna-Rose has been colour collecting again, this time purple! Great work Anna-Rose smileyyes

Pheline's Times Tables

Pheline is working really hard on her times tables. Here's her practicing 7x3 with one of Mrs Knight's activities. Good job Pheline smileyyes

Arlo's Cooking

Arlo has been baking cakes and making puddings for his family every Wednesday. So far, he's made upside down plum cake, experimental cake and bacon and egg ice-cream. They look very tasty Arlo but I'm not too sure about the ice cream! Keep up the hard work smileyyes

Poppy's Lighthouse Scene

Wow! Poppy has been very creative and recreated the Lighthouse Keeper's house and lighthouse. She has been using it to retell the story to her family. Brilliant work Poppy smileyyes

Pheline's Lunch

Pheline has created a wonderful lunch and used brilliant adjectives to describe it. The colourful rainbow unicorn sandwich sounds particularly exciting Pheline smiley Keep up the hard work yes

Leo's Colouring

Leo has done a fantastic job at colouring in his thank you poster. Great job Leo, keep up the hard work smileyyes

Olive's Alphabet Challenge and Fossil Work

Wow! Olive has done a fantastic job with Mrs Knight's alphabet challenge, I love all the little images you've added. She has also been learning all about different fossils. Great job Olive, keep up the hard work smileyyes

Anna-Rose's Lego Challenge and Colour Collection

Anna-Rose has been starting each day by doing the Lego challenge, here is her film set. I think it looks fantastic, don't you smiley She also did a fantastic job at Mrs Knight's colour collection activity. You have so many yellow things in your house Anna-Rose. Wow! Great job laughyes

Emilie's Jam Sandwiches

Emilie has really enjoyed learning about following and writing instructions. She did a great job at making her jam sandwich and she really enjoying it at the end. Over the weekend Emilie also made herself and her brother a peanut butter sandwich for lunch! Keep up the brilliant work Emilie! laughyes

Pheline's Instructions

Pheline has been working really hard to write instructions for some yummy pasta. She's also been practising her times table with things around her, like petals, what a great idea. Good job Pheline smileyyes

Times Table Rock Stars

Well done to Maya who is now a Rock Legend and to Darcy who is now a Wannabe! Keep up the good work laughyes

Vanessa's Reading 

Vanessa has set herself a very exciting lockdown challenge, to read her height in books! She’s already read about 30! Well done Vanessa, what a great idea smileyyes

Poppy's Carrots

Poppy was amazed to find that the carrots in her fridge came all the way from Scotland! Now she is having a go at growing her own at home. I can't wait to see them when they are fully grown Poppy smileyyes

Times Table Rock Stars

Wow! I can see lots of people are working really hard on their times tables smiley

A special well done to Arlo who has now become a Breakthrough Artist and Laurie for becoming an Unsigned Act laughyes

Poppy's Work

Poppy has been working incredibly hard at home. She has looked at a map of Great Britain and focused on famous foods from different regions of the UK. Then she has presented what she found in a fantastic way! Whilst she was doing it she found her favourite holiday destination, Cornwall, and decided to make some pasties. She then wrote some brilliant instructions for how to make them. 

As well as all that hard work she has written two other sets of instructions and baked a cake for Shakespeare's birthday!

Keep up all the hard work Poppy smileyyes

A Message from Ms Neda

I have this lovely picture hanging in my kitchen and when I see it, it makes me smile. Olive drew it - why don't you have a go at making up your own 'font' like she has? I love the way the capital N has a slide down one side and people nestled in the 'S's.

Times Table Rock Stars

Well done Arlo, moving up to an Unsigned Act!! Good job smileyyes

Vanessa's RNLI Poster

I've had another RNLI poster sent to me by Vanessa. It has so many amazing facts on it Vanessa, you must have done lots of research! Well done! smileyyes

Times Tables Rock Stars

Well done to Maya for working really hard on her times tables, she's now a Rockstar!!! 

Anna-Rose's Activities

Anna-Rose has been working incredibly hard at home with her family. She has made a poster about Florence Nightingale, written a letter to her Granny, done some beautiful marbling and been working hard on her Maths skills. Keep up the good work Anna-Rose yeslaugh

Vanessa's Easter Egg Design

Vanessa has designed a fantastic Easter Egg over the holidays. I love all the bright colours, it looks good enough to eat laughyes

Sunflowers and Drawing

At our house we have been using a big box to draw on, it was lots of fun!

We were also very excited to find that our sunflowers have started growing. So far Florence's are the tallest. I'll keep you updated with how they are growing. laughyes

RNLI Poster

Maya has made a fantastic poster about the RNLI smiley I love the detail in the pictures Maya yes

Sheep Wool Dyeing 

Ms Neda and her children have been collecting sheep's wool from gorse bushes and fences. We washed the wool, rinsed it and tried dyeing it with a homemade tumeric dye. We haven't tried it before but we adapted a recipe we found online.  The method for a small amount of dye was to add 1/4 cup of turmeric to 4 cups of water and 3 tsps of vinegar. Bring to the boil and then simmer for 45 mins. It makes an amazing colour!  Then we let the mixture cool before we added the wet, washed wool.  We left it overnight and rinsed it the next day, wearing rubber gloves - the dye can stain so wear aprons and don't get it on any precious worktops!  Unlike Bea's delicious looking cake, this one looks a bit yucky at the moment😉!!

Our next step is to try and make some yarn and then make something, perhaps a necklace or a friendship bracelet.


Bea has been baking a cake with her sister, and a little help from her mummy. I'm sure you will agree it looks very tasty laugh

Growing Sunflowers

At my house we have been planting sunflower seeds. We are excited to see whose grows the tallest smiley

Have you been doing anything in the garden? 

Times Table Rock Stars

Well done to Maya and Arlo who have been the first rockstars to become Wannabes. Keep practising!! smileyyes

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