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Publishing time laugh

Please publish your work. You might decide to turn it into a poster or a more formal written document. 

Please, please remember to read your work through. Does it make sense?


I have included the list we all agreed to follow when we write. Please check for these 'points' and edit where needed.


  • Joined handwriting
  • Capital letters at the start of the sentence
  • Capital letters for proper nouns
  • Punctuation at the end of a sentence (. ? ! )
  • Commas in a list
  • Apostrophes to show possession and contractions
  • with, their, there, want - all to be spelt correctly


I hope you have enjoyed this task. It would be lovely to see your work or any of the tasks you have completed. Please email the office and they will pass any emails on to me. 

Thanks, Mrs Lewis

Information Text

This week your task is to create a information text.




The first part of the task is to pick a country. Please then create as many questions as you can about the country. 

Once you have created questions, please research about the country and make a note about what you find out.


For example:

My choice is Spain.

  • I wonder what food they eat in Spain?
  • Where is Spain?
  • I know they speak Spanish, but are there any other languages spoken?
  • What is the capital? How far is Spain from the my house?
  • How many people live in Spain?
  • Which countries have a boarder with Spain?
  • What forms of transport can I use to get to Spain?
  • What type of government do they have in Spain?




Tuesday’s Tasks

Firstly, you might need to continue your research today for your chosen country.

Please check that you have research for the below sections.

  • History
  • Geography
  • Food
  • Languages
  • General Information or you might like to also create your own sections.


Looking through your research, please create sub titles for your different sections of information. These might be a question or a few words. For example:

Spain’s Location        or                       Where in the world is Spain?


Please record these subtitles in the circles of your planning sheet.

Wednesday's Task

Today I would like you to plan your different paragraphs. Around the sub-titles, I would like you to choose three facts that you are going to write about in that sub-title. Please write these facts in your own words as simple sentences. Please see my example below. Please remember that your facts need to link together. 


Please use your simple sentences to create a paragraph.

Can you create a topic sentence for your paragraph?

Remember this sentence introduces what the paragraph is about. The other sentences that come after will give the reader more information. 


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